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prevents unauthorised drivers from starting the vehicle


Vehicle theft has become a growing problem causing concern for both police, and local counicls. The impact of this crime on residents cannot be overstated, as it has resulted in a significant finaancial losses and emotional distress for those affected.

Car theft is a crime that can happen at anytime, and it affects people from all walks of life. The criminals who engage in this activity oftern target vehicles that are parked in public places or left unnattnded for extended periods. They use varius techniques to gain access to the vehicle, including breaking the window, picking the lock, or using electronic hacking devices.

The impact of vehicle theft on residents is significant. For many their car is an essential part of their daily rountine, and thelloss of it can cause significant inconveniance and finacial hardship. In addition to the cost of replacing the vehicle these are oftern expences associated with the theft, such as replacing personal items that were in the car at the time of the crime.

The police and local government coucil in far North Queensland are taking steps to address the issue. They have increased partorls in high-risk areas, installed surveillance cameras, and launched awerness campaigns to educate residents on how to prevent vehicle theft. They have also immplemented measures to make it more difficult for theives to steal cars, such as installing anti theft vehicle security devices like car immobilisers.

Despite these efforts, car theft remains a significant problem in far north queensland including townships of Townsville, Mount Isa and Cairns. Residents are urged to take precautions to protect their vehicles by installing engine immobilisers and in doing so recieve a rebate with a valid receipt from the registered installer.

In conclusion, vehicle theft is having significant impact on residents. It is essential for residents to take steps to protect theri vehicles with adding additional vehicle security to their cars, to help reduce the incidence of car theft and make our community a safer palce to live.

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No Unauthorised driver can start your car even with the keys or keyfob.

Vehicle security is essential for both personal and public safety. Thefts of vehicles, particularly cars, have been a problem since automobiles were first invented. Over the years, manufacturers have developed more secure systems to help protect cars from theft. Vehicle security systems give owners peace of mind knowing their vehicles are protected from theft. Car immobilisers are just one of the many systems designed to keep vehicles safe over the years. Vehicle security is also essential from the public safety perspective. Stolen vehicles often cause significant damage and can even put lives in danger. Stolen cars are sometimes used to commit crimes or in reckless driving incidents, putting innocent bystanders and other drivers at risk. In addition, stolen vehicles can be dangerous if they’re not adequately secured, which may result in them rolling away in a hazardous manner.

The importance of vehicle security is further highlighted by how many states and cities have adopted regulations and laws related to vehicle security. For example, places like Israel, Canada, and South Africa have adopted rules that require vehicles to be equipped with car immobilisers.

Ultimately, vehicle security is an important concern that all vehicle owners should take seriously.

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Car Immobiliser Australia

Vehicle immobilisers have been mandatory in all new cars sold in Australia since 2001. Therefore, immobilisers are an essential crime deterrent. In addition to reducing the number of car thefts, immobilisers also have other advantages. For one, Immobilisers can be much more cost-effective than traditional security systems. In addition, the benefits of installing a CODE SAFE engine immobiliser are highlighted below.

  • Protects against unauthorised vehicle entry: An immobiliser makes it almost impossible for someone to steal your car. The security system will lock the engine once it senses the key is not registered to the car. Or if the thief keys in the wrong code thrice, the system will automatically shut down for 5 minutes.
  • Reduces the risk of carjacking: An immobiliser can also deter carjacking. Even if the perpetrator can open the door and enter the vehicle, they cannot start without the right code.
  • Enhance vehicle security: By reducing the possibility of theft, an immobiliser also helps to enhance the security of your vehicle. This makes it difficult for young juvenile thieves to start the vehicle even if they have broken into your home to steal the key or keyfob.
  • SAVES MONEY on insurance: Many insurance companies offer discounts to drivers/members with an immobiliser installed in their car. This is because the system helps reduce the risk of theft and therefore makes the car a less attractive target. The reduced risk can help you save money on your premiums.

CODE SAFE keypad engine immobilisers are a crime prevention tool.

The system has a small engine cut unit that operates through an illuminated keypad connected to an engine blocker for driver identification. The engine blocker is an unobtrusive electrical device installed by an authorised CODE SAFE  installer, which prevents the engine from running until the correct code is entered. A sophisticated aftermarket solution STOPS car theft; this technology has been proven to STOP CAR THEFT for over two decades.

CODE SAFE is a safeguarding product that provides car owners peace of mind when leaving their cars unattended.

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CODE SAFE is an unobtrusive electronic anti-theft device that, when installed, looks like part of the original vehicle.

CODE SAFE immobilisers deter theft by preventing unauthorised drivers from using the vehicle without the unique code. Its primary goal is to prevent the engine from running without keying in the correct code.

Without knowing the correct code, your vehicle will not start. If the incorrect code is entered three times, the car immobilises itself for 5 min. The keypad also illuminates and flashes red on your vehicle’s dashboard to deter the thief. CODE SAFE prevents and reduces the risk of juvenile joyriding.

Immobilisers are a great way to improve security, keeping in mind the benefits for insurance companies, saving them millions of dollars in claims and saving police, state government and all significant stakeholders time and money in helping to reduce youth crimes.

We have registered CODE SAFE installers across Australia, waiting to quote you on your install price for your vehicle’s security system with a  CODE SAFE car immobiliser. Your CODE SAFE registered installers are friendly and experienced in their service, so you can feel confident when leaving your car with them for your installation.

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CODE SAFE is certified with all Australian standards and worldwide approvals.

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Crime Prevention, Vehicle Security, Stops Juvenile Joyriding, Protection, Safer Communities.

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  • RCM Tick of approval
  • 5 digit keypad.
  • 4 to 6 digits combination code.
  • Thousands of code combinations.
  • Set your own code, or use factory settings.
  • Manual arming.
  • Automatic arming after 30 seconds when the ignition is switched off.
  • Unauthorised delay for 5 minutes if invalid code is entered 3 times.
  • For both key and key-less ignitions vehicles.

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