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Code Safe “can not be purchased online”. There are security protocols in place to ensure your car is protected. Code Safe keypad engine immobiliser stops vehicle theft and juvenile joyriding. Code Safe vehicle security immobilisers can be installed into any 12v engine, including excavators, bobcats and tractors.


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No Unauthorised driver can start your car even with the keys or keyfob.

CODE SAFE keypad engine immobiliser provides theft deterrence by preventing unauthorised drivers from using the vehicle even with the original key or key fob. Its primary goal is to prevent the engine from running without keying in the correct code. Code Safe will reduce juvenile joyriding and vehicle theft and give owners peace of mind when leaving their vehicles unattended.

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The CODE SAFE Immobiliser device provides theft deterrence by preventing unauthorised drivers from using the vehicle without the unique code. Its primary goal is to prevent the engine from running without keying in the correct code.

A Code Safe vehicle immobiliser prevents an engine from starting when the correct key or fob is not present. In other words, an immobiliser prevents hot-wiring. Vehicle immobilisers have been a mandatory requirement in all new cars sold in Australia since 2001. In Australia, a staggering three out of four thefts of older cars, pre-immobilisers, are due to joyriding. Therefore, immobilisers are an essential crime deterrent. Sophisticated systems will be able to immobilise all vehicles 12v engines.

OUR anti-theft device works even if the thief or “joyrider” has the original vehicle key.

The system has a miniature engine cut unit that operates through an illuminated keypad for driver identification, connected to an engine blocker. The engine blocker is an unobtrusive electrical device installed by an authorised installer, which prevents the engine from running until the correct code is entered. A sophisticated aftermarket solution STOPS car theft, for over 2 decades has proven that this technology can STOP CAR THEFT. Throughout the Middle East and Europe, the CODE SAFE became a mandatory installation through insurance.

The CODE SAFE is a safeguarding product that provides car owners peace of mind when leaving their car unattended.

Code Safe is a personal 4-5 digit keypad.

Code Safe keypad immobiliser is a new generation anti-theft device that is user friendly and gives you peace of mind when leaving your vehicle unattended. Code Safe is an unobtrusive electronic anti-theft device that, when installed, looks like part of the original vehicle. Code Safe prevents unauthorised drivers from starting the car even with the original key or key fob. Code Safe is a personal 4-5 digit keypad with your unique code to start the vehicle.

Without knowing the Code, your vehicle will not start. A keypad immobiliser that illuminates and flashes on your vehicle’s dashboard can deter the thief from entering the vehicle. Code Safe prevents juvenile joyriding and after incidents from stolen vehicles. Code Safe solutions have registered Code Safe installers right across Australia, waiting to quote you on your install price for your make and model of vehicle. Your Code Safe registered installer is friendly and experienced in their service, so you can have confidence when leaving your vehicle with them for your installation.

Code Safe is registered with an Industry Standard ACMA Approved Tick in Australia and New Zealand. Code Safe has worldwide and Australian Standard approvals.

CE Marking
iso company
ISO Company
Australian Standard Approved ACMA

Crime Prevention, Vehicle Security, Stops Juvenile Joyriding, Protection, Safer Communities.

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  • RCM Tick of approval
  • 5 digit keypad.
  • 4 to 6 digits combination code.
  • Thousands of code combinations.
  • Set your own code, or use factory settings.
  • Manual arming.
  • Automatic arming after 30 seconds when the ignition is switched off.
  • Unauthorised delay for 5 minutes if invalid code is entered 3 times.
  • For both key and key-less ignitions vehicles.

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Lifetime warranties on all installations guaranteed
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