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Are you looking for an RRP for a CODE SAFE installation? Click on our locations page to find your nearest installer.

CODE SAFE “can not be purchased online”. There are security protocols in place to ensure your car is protected. Security is our major priority.

Our CODE SAFE registered installers listing is trusted and preferred for immobiliser installations. We carefully select installers nationwide who meet high-quality standards and qualifications. Our installers are experienced and well-versed in installing the latest immobilisers. They provide a quick and efficient installation coupled with friendly and reliable support. Installers are continuously assessed to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained. With our CODE SAFE registered installers listing, immobilisers can be installed confidently, knowing their unique security needs are in safe hands.

CODE SAFE Registered Installers listing:

Our credited CODE SAFE installers are standing by, waiting to quote you on your install price for your vehicle’s make and model.

Each make, and model of vehicle has a different RRP depending on what system it has. CODE SAFE can be installed into all makes and models of vehicles. CODE SAFE can be installed into older vehicles much faster than newer vehicles. All vehicles manufactured after 2011 have installed immobilisers; you can find these in your key fobs. These are called CAN-BUS systems. These systems have a longer install process due to newer wiring.  Therefore our Authorised Registered CODE SAFE Installers, all independently owned and operated, are the best installers to speak to about the price and timing for your installation.

CODE SAFE installers immobiliser locations
CODE SAFE installer locations


Code of Ethics. –CODE SAFE, reliable engine immobilisers are worth every dollar spent. This is one reason you should consider installing a reliable Australian Approved CODE SAFE engine immobiliser.

Our local installers are all independently owned and operated. Our installers are easy to talk to and are ready to quote you on your install price for your make and vehicle model. However, we rely on our experienced installers, who charge for product and installation individually for every make and model of vehicle. Why? Because every make and model of car has a different installation protocol, we never expect our installers to be undercut in the market when installing a superior product.

If you’re concerned about preventing your new car’s statutory warranty yet want to obtain expert service at competitive rates, your Code Safe Registered installers can help you. Our Nationwide warranty gives you peace of mind wherever you go. With over 90 locations Australia-wide and our installer list growing daily, you can be guaranteed a registered CODE SAFE service installer in your vicinity. Locations are a significant priority to our quality service and expertise.

Protect yourself and your investments from being inconveniently attacked by vehicle theft. Expensive and frustrating to find you’re vehicle gone when leaving them unattended. Ask our leading CAM member @CAR AUDIO MASTERS or our selected @AutObarn stores to quote you on your install price for your CODE SAFE keypad engine immobiliser.

You won’t be disappointed once you install a CODE SAFE into your vehicle. It could be your tractor, excavator, digger, or bobcat that you wish to protect. Once a CODE SAFE engine immobiliser is installed into your vehicles, you can trust that your assets are guarded and protected, giving you peace of mind.

Vehicle security is our business. We want our customers to have peace of mind, and customer satisfaction is our goal. For more information, find us on our websites or call us on our 1300 number. Don’t be the next victim of vehicle theft. Install a CODE SAFE personal 4-5 digit keypad immobiliser Leave all your worries behind. Be safe with CODE SAFE ENGINE IMMOBILISERS.


Autobarn Selected stores only.
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CAM Lifetime Guarantee


We are always looking for accredited installers to come on board to become Registered Code Safe Installers. We like to ensure our CODE SAFE customers can easily install CODE SAFE keypad engine immobiliser for all their vehicles in their locality.

Vehicle theft is prevalent in most townships across Australia.

Our registered CODE SAFE installers provides warranties on all installation

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