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Immobilisers have been a mandatory installation since 2001 in all newer vehicles.

Older vehicles do not have vehicle security fitted unless they have purchased an aftermarket vehicle system. Finding a quality and reliable aftermarket engine immobiliser in Australia is now an available option. 

LC Distributors I CODE SAFE solutions have opened over 80 Registered CODE SAFE installers across Australia & New Zealand to bring you the best reliable and affordable vehicle security to safeguard your vehicles giving owners PEACE OF MIND when leaving their vehicles unattended.

LC Distributors pty ltd, CODE SAFE – STOPS VEHICLE THEFT.

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Most of us rely on our cars every day – can you imagine if your car was stolen or broken into? It is stressful, inconvenient and costly. Many of these thefts occur when cars are left unlocked in the driveway or when a home is broken into and car keys have been left in plain sight. There are commonly two sets of keys for our cars. Make sure both sets are kept securely and not placed in predictable locations.

Stolen vehicles are often involved in road accidents or used to commit more serious crimes. Older vehicles are most likely to be stolen, and while many are recovered, they may be found with significant and costly damage. A large proportion of car theft is opportunistic and, therefore, preventable. Taking precautionary measures can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of car theft.

Could you not make it easy for thieves? Safety starts with you – there are simple steps you can take to protect your car and belongings:

  • Lock it at all times
  • Don’t leave valuable items, bags or personal documents visible.
  • Protect your tools by locking your toolbox
  • Place your car keys in a secure location when out and at home.
  • Never leave your car running unattended or leave keys in the ignition.
  • Install a car engine immobiliser (in older vehicles and keyless entry vehicles)
  • Install one-way screws to your number plate, so it’s impossible to steal.
  • Never hide keys on your car – thieves know where to look.

Code Safe 4-5 digit keypad engine immobiliser is an affordable, reliable anti-theft device that deters the thief from stealing your vehicles.

Warranties and Installations

You can rely on our registered CODE SAFE installers for service and great prices. Our Registered CODE SAFE INSTALLER will quote you on your installation price for your make and model of vehicle. Car Audio Masters our CAM members and our independent list of installers are specialists in their field of car audio and vehicle security installations and warrant their installations lifetime. 

Installed and guaranteed by CAM: CAR AUDIO MASTERS

Now available in New Zealand:

New Zealand: Radioworld – Nelson  

LC Distributors have a strong interest in community welfare.

LC Distributors is initiating Action Plans to prevent vehicle theft, juvenile joyriding with state governments to help reduce vehicle theft and the ever-increasing trauma on our roads from stolen vehicles. By working strategically with major stakeholders who support vehicle immobilisation rebate schemes for the motoring public will help educate all Australians about the importance of adding sophisticated aftermarket engine immobilisers to their vehicles to prevent future vehicle theft crimes.

Vehicle immobilisation rebate schemes have been proven successful as seen in Western Australia and through motor insurance companies around the world. 

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