Vehicle Security

How safe is your vehicle? Your excavator, bobcat, tractor, your beloved car? How much is your asset worth to you?

On average, any vehicle can be stolen in less than 45 seconds. In a modern car, the engine will not start unless the computer receives a signal from the vehicles mandatory immobiliser found in our key fobs or with the original key. Inside the key fob is a chip called the transponder. The transponder is coded and is matched to the vehicle security computer system. When the key is in the ignition switch’s vicinity, it transmits its code to the vehicle, and the vehicle will immediately start because the computer has been told to do so by the transponder.

Now-day, thieves have a preprogrammed engine computer that does NOT require a code or computer from another car with its matching key. They disconnect the original computer, connect theirs, start the engine and drive away. No matter what make or model of vehicle, this method allows any vehicle to be STOLEN. A credited registered installer correctly installs an aftermarket immobiliser with black wiring and will stop this from happening.

vehicle security

The most reliable and affordable solution for security in cars or any 12v engine is an Australian Standard Approved engine immobiliser.

  1. A system that makes the disconnection to the transponder not work and
  2. A system that physically prevents access to the existing immobiliser in all newer vehicles.

This is why we are experiencing high rates of vehicle theft. This is why your vehicles are NOT Safe. This is why Code Safe is your best asset.

It would be best if you were prepared for anything these days. Our vehicles are being stolen for joyriding and spare parts and used in serious after crime incidents. Our vehicles are being targeted, leaving us feeling vulnerable and not knowing if our vehicles will be found where we left them. It’s uncertain that we face and we are all living in fear. All vehicles, including excavators, motor homes, 4×4, diggers, and bobcats, any vehicle left without extra security, are easy targets for any thief.

By adding another layer of vehicle security systems to your already existing system, you will not only save time and money by installing one; you will have peace of mind, more importantly, guaranteed. Immobilisers with keypads give you personal safety, they are user friendly, and they illuminate at night for easy access to the Code Safe keypad.

Code Safe is a great asset for your vehicle.

Code Safe solutions work and give you peace of mind.

A Code Safe keypad engine immobiliser is not only a car security system; it is a personal safety device that only you know the code too. It is as effective as using a code for your phone, computer or door. Now you have a car security lock that is affective and your best choice in vehicle security.

Code Safe solutions work and give you peace of mind.

To find out more about how Code Safe keypad immobiliser benefits you, please visit our website on our features page.

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