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Changing Your Personal Code

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When your CODE SAFE keypad is installed into your vehicle by our registered installers, they will use the security protocol database of all your details, including your original data. For any reason you wish to have your own choice of personal code, you will have to ask your installer to keep records of all original data for quick memory recall. In case of any fault with the keypad, your CODE SAFE installer can help you override the keypad with the original master code over the phone.

If you wish to change your code regularly, keep a log book safe with all your code information, so you never forget your original and updated code changes.

Only your installer can

code safe

  1. Then, turn the ignition switch off.
  2. Press the asterisk for 2-3 seconds > hear a long beep > the system is armed, and the asterisk will flash.
  3. Enter the master or user code and press the asterisk > hear two beeps (the system is disarmed).
  4. Turn the ignition switch on > all LEDs will turn off.
  5. Enter a new 4 to 6-digit personal code > press the asterisk > see the asterisk flash once, and hear a long beep.
  6. Enter the same code again > press the asterisk > hear two beeps and see the asterisk flash two times.
  7. Turn the ignition switch off.

Your code has been changed.

PIN CODES – identify numbers allocated to an individual by an organisation, used to validate electronic transactions.

CODE SAFE – keypad engine immobilisers are being installed right across Australia. Once installed, your CODE SAFE  installer will provide all the required information. In addition, they will always be able to assist you if you ever forget your personal code.

Remembering your code – for your vehicle is very important. While busy, sometimes we forget things, so keeping your pin code in a safe, secure place that no one else can find is your best bet. Make it hard for anyone else to find your code, especially thieves and your children. We want to protect our children from stealing cars and getting into trouble.

Keep your information safe:

Please don’t share your information with anyone that you do not trust. Keep your personal 4-5 digits SAFE. Don’t leave a copy of your code in your vehicle. Please keep it safe on your phone or save the information where you hold all other passwords.

Assigning a code for classification or identification is commonly used to activate ATMs and access phones and computers. Now, safely, we can use CODE SAFE for our vehicles.

Our list of Registered CODE SAFE installers is on our locations page.

Coding is not difficult – Bill Gates

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