Car Immobiliser Australia


car Immobilisers features

  • 5 digit key pad.
  • 4 to 6 digits combination code.
  • Thousands of code combinations.
  • Set your own code, or use factory settings features.
  • Manual arming.
  • Automatic arming after 30 seconds when ignition is switched off.
  • Unauthorized delay for 5 minutes if invalid code is entered 3 times.
  • For both key and key-less ignitions vehicles.
  • Quick to install by an authorised installer.
  • Available with one and up to 4 cut off units, for increased security.
  • Can lower insurance premiums (to the discretion of insurer).
  • Affordable & Cost effective.
  • Meets all Australian automotive standards and models.
  • ACMA ‘tick’ approved.
  • Comes with a full 12 month warranty on manufacturing default.
  • Comes with minimum 2 years installation warranty through an authorised installer.
  • Designed and meets EU automotive standards.
  • Sophisticated and reliable system.

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