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A car immobiliser with a personal 4-5 digit keypad installed into your vehicle has many benefits.

An engine immobiliser is a solution to the many consequences involving a stolen vehicle. There are many benefits to adding additional aftermarket security systems to your car to enhance your protection and vehicle safety.

In most instances, most keys are stolen from home invasions, and our vehicles are left vulnerable in our driveways. Some homeowners or rental property residents are forced to park on the street. Even whilst paying for permit parking, councils or regulators offer no risk management to their residents; therefore, owners must be vigilant about adding another layer of vehicle security to their assets.

In carjacking situations where a vehicle owner is asked to hand over their keys or original immobiliser, you can give them the key or key fob to the thief and then run to a safe place to call the police. If this happens, you and your car will still be safe.

CODE SAFE Solutions provides a range of features to support your business. We equip our customers with the ability to configure access control and user authentication and deploy data security solutions. Our security products also enable password management, privileged account monitoring, and multifactor authentication. You’ll be able to audit user behaviour, authorise access, and protect confidential information all in one place. You get continuous protection with CODE SAFE  keypad immobilisers, as it is the most affordable and reliable risk management solution for your beloved asset.

Don’t be a victim of vehicle theft. Install a CODE SAFE immobiliser today and give yourself peace of mind.

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  • No unauthorised driver can start the vehicle even if they have the original key or key fob
  • 5-digit keypad.
  • Set your code, or use factory settings features.
  • Manual arming.
  • Automatic arming after 30 seconds when the ignition is switched off.
  • Unauthorised delay for 5 minutes if an invalid code is entered three times.
  • For both crucial and keyless ignitions vehicles.
  • Installed by an authorised CODE SAFE installer. (see our list)
  • Can lower insurance premiums (at the discretion of the insurer).
  • Affordable & cost are practical.
  • Meets all Australian automotive standards and models. ACMA ‘tick’ approved.
  • Sophisticated and reliable system.


  • CODE SAFE is a new generation keypad engine immobiliser that protects your car from theft.
  • CODE SAFE safeguards your vehicle and provides peace of mind when leaving your vehicle unattended.
  • CODE SAFE prevents children /teenagers from joyriding parents’ vehicles and juvenile theft.
  • CODE SAFE prevents unauthorised drivers from starting the vehicle EVEN WITH THE THIEF HAS YOUR KEYS or KEY FOB.
  • CODE SAFE is affordable to install for anyone wanting to safeguard their valuable and most loved possession.
  • CODE SAFE is an electronic keypad that illuminates to deter the thief.
  • CODE SAFE keypads can be manufactured with anti-corrosion protection for outdoor machinery with cabins, including tractors, excavators, and bobcats.
  • LC Distributors manufacture OEM branded keypads for fleets.



Rental companies can OEM brand the keypads for fleet recognition, leave keys in the ignition, and send codes to customers’ phones to allocate the bays and regulations.

(codes )assigned to the customer at airports and distribution centres for guaranteed security.

CODE SAFE keypad engine immobilisers are ACMA RCM and requirements for EMC approved with industry standards components  for Australia/ NZ

We have CODE SAFE registered installers across Australia ready to quote you on your installation and purchase price for your vehicle’s make and model.

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