Changing Your Personal Code

Important: before changing your personal code, obtain the factory-given or master code.

code safe

  1. Turn the ignition switch off
  2. Press the asterisk for 2-3 seconds > hear long beep > the system is armed and the asterisk will flash.
  3. Enter the master or user code and press the asterisk > hear 2 beeps (the system is disarmed).
  4. Turn the ignition switch on > all LEDs will turn off.
  5. Enter a new 4 to 6 digit code > press the asterisk > see asterisk flash 1 time and hear a long beep.
  6. Enter the same code again > press the asterisk > hear 2 beeps and see the asterisk flash 2 times.
  7. Turn the ignition switch off.

Your personal code is changed.

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