Car Immobiliser


Why engine Immobilisers are so important

Whenever you hear of a colleague or neighbour’s car getting stolen, somehow it never occurs to you that the very same thing could happen to yourself. The fact of the matter is, the possibility of your own car getting stolen is very real. Vehicle security for your cars, trucks, bobcats, excavators i...

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How Does a Car Immobiliser Work?

An electronic immobiliser safeguards all 12V vehicles from vehicle theft.  This is attained by a transponder with a passcode in the ignition key. When we switch on the ignition, that code is read by the ‘Smart Transponder’, an intelligent communications interface with the help of an antenna.  ...

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How does an engine Immobiliser work? Want to know more?

What is an engine Immobiliser? First, let’s understand the principle of a car immobiliser. An engine immobiliser system is an amazing type of electronic security which is generally a vehicle theft deterrent. The Engine Immobiliser used by new cars contains an electronic chip placed into the ECU...

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Old Technology Verses New Technology

What Works? Old technology does work. But what happens when when the old technology is upgraded with quality manufacturing. Old technology become the new. Quality manufacturing comes with experience and expertise engineering and if its worked before it can work again, bigger and better than before. U...

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I have not written many articles during COVID 19. I’ve been focusing on my family, homeschooling, and home isolating which actually was probably the perfect time to write articles passionate about what’s happening out there in our local communities and how statistics have shown an increas...

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TALK TO YOUR CAM SPECIALIST -about the importance of adding another layer of security to our vehicles. Our local CAM specialist registered CODE SAFE installers will quote you on your install price for your make and model of vehicle. CAM bring you the best service, installation and give a lifetime war...

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Is your fleet of heavy machinery protected? What security do you have?

CODE SAFE IS AN AFFORDABLE ANTI THEFT DEVICE THAT SECURES NOT ONLY CARS IT CAN ALSO PROTECT HEAVY MACHINERY FOR YOUR FLEETS. 24V With a fleet of expensive heavy machinery left on worksites, what protection and risk management does your company have to protect your machinery? https://www.codesafe.solu...

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Security Systems Melbourne | Car Theft Statistics

Car Theft in Australia There were 53,564 vehicles stolen in Australia in 2018, or one every 10 minutes Victoria had the most car thefts with 15,457 29% of all thefts in 2018 Holden Commodores were the most stolen car in Australia with 990 thefts from 4/2018-3/2019 Friday evenings from 4pm-10pm wa...

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Security for your fleet management

Question? What security do you protect your fleet of vehicles with? In Israel, CODE SAFE is a mandatory installation through motor insurance. Statistics true figures proved that a company that had 7% theft rate had all their vehicles installed with a CODE SAFE 4-5 digit keypad engine immobiliser and ...

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ACMA/EESS –DID YOU KNOW? When becoming an importer of new and innovative electrical goods and services from overseas there is a prescribed approval process before we can on- sell those products or technologies into the Australian market!!!!! Many importers who discover new and interesting products ...

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