Car Immobiliser

Month: September 2020

Why engine Immobilisers are so important

Whenever you hear of a colleague or neighbour’s car getting stolen, somehow it never occurs to you that the very same thing could happen to yourself. The fact of the matter is, the possibility of your own car getting stolen is very real. Vehicle security for your cars, trucks, bobcats, excavators i...

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How Does a Car Immobiliser Work?

An electronic immobiliser safeguards all 12V vehicles from vehicle theft.  This is attained by a transponder with a passcode in the ignition key. When we switch on the ignition, that code is read by the ‘Smart Transponder’, an intelligent communications interface with the help of an antenna.  ...

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How does an engine Immobiliser work? Want to know more?

What is an engine Immobiliser? First, let’s understand the principle of a car immobiliser. An engine immobiliser system is an amazing type of electronic security which is generally a vehicle theft deterrent. The Engine Immobiliser used by new cars contains an electronic chip placed into the ECU...

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