Car Immobiliser

Month: October 2019

Security for your fleet management

Question? What security do you protect your fleet of vehicles with? In Israel, CODE SAFE is a mandatory installation through motor insurance. Statistics true figures proved that a company that had 7% theft rate had all their vehicles installed with a CODE SAFE 4-5 digit keypad engine immobiliser and ...

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ACMA/EESS –DID YOU KNOW? When becoming an importer of new and innovative electrical goods and services from overseas there is a prescribed approval process before we can on- sell those products or technologies into the Australian market!!!!! Many importers who discover new and interesting products ...

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Why invest in expensive GPS trackers?

For those thinking of investing in expensive GPS trackers..think again???? Recently a customer by the name of Geoff, called CODE SAFE to tell the story of why his GPS tracker could not help him when his vehicle was stolen and how upset he was that he had just booked in a CODE SAFE installation, the &...

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