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Thinking Of Adding Another Layer Of Security To Your Vehicle?

Think no longer. Think code safe keypad engine immobiliser! Juvenile thieves roam in numbers. They commonly are known for stealing cars ...

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There’s a lot to say, about vehicle security

We can all write informative information about vehicle security and then publish it on social media, but is it getting noticed?? You would hope so when wo...

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What Security Do You Have In Your Vehicle?

When looking for Security that works, think Code Safe Engine keypad Immobiliser: Question? How shocked and frustrated would you be, to wake up in the morni...

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I am lost without My Car

CODE SAFE Immobiliser systems are for all types of 12V vehicles. Immobilisers are one of the best ways to secure your vehicle. Affordable, reliable and a small investment to safegu...

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Security Systems Excavators | Patience Is A Virtue

Since 2015 since arriving back home to Australia with an amazing product imported directly from Israel, CODE SAFE is finally making a brand name for itself. Patience, time and ...

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