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TALK TO YOUR CAM SPECIALIST -about the importance of adding another layer of security to our vehicles. Our local CAM specialist registered CODE SAFE installers will quote you on your install price for your make and model of vehicle.

CAM bring you the best service, installation and give a lifetime warranty on all CODE SAFE installations. Their experience and dedicated installation and demonstration facilities will make your choice easy when it comes to wanting to protect your car with upgraded immobiliser

Security systems come in many different forms and many different price ranges and it’s important to understand that the effectiveness of security systems has as much to do with installation as it does with product selection. This is why CAM use only the best, most reliable products on the Australian market and their installations technicians have access to the highest levels of training and vehicle specific information available. So when it’s time to secure your vehicle contact CAM and they will advise you on the best possible solution for you and your vehicle.


Protecting your vehicle is effortless with a quality alarm or immobiliser like CODE SAFE. Systems start from basic proximity control right through to fully integrated alarm systems and CODE SAFE personal 4-5 digit analogue keypad immobiliser.

True performance security systems are only as good as the weakest link so be sure to factor in professional installation of new and updated systems with knowing CAM have to guarantee you with a system that is sound, professional, user friendly, cost-effective and can, in fact, bring premiums down. With every CODE SAFE installation, your CAM member will provide you with a receipt to take back to your insurance company to ASK for a rebate.

As vehicles have become more advanced, the role of the specialist installer and retailer of aftermarket in-car technologies is now more important than any time in the history of the motor vehicle. Every new vehicle is seemingly more challenging than the last with the introduction of heavy integrated components and security systems mandatorily fitted since 2001 with an A54601:1999 immobiliser prior to sale. These are advanced data specific wiring systems such as CANbus. CAM (CAR AUDIO MASTERS) are at the forefront of installation knowledge and capabilities for vehicle interface technology by combining custom integration and fabrication techniques with the world’s leading interface products.

CODE SAFE was introduced to CAM in 2017 and our CAM specialists recognise CODE SAFE as one of the most affordable, reliable, user-friendly security systems in their range of upgraded security systems. CODE SAFE can be installed into any CANbus system vehicle and for key starting vehicles. CODE SAFE can be installed into any make and model of vehicle without interfering with original alarm systems in place, that effectively are not working any more. CANbus systems (push-button starting vehicles) are the most heavily targeted vehicles for theft. Why? Because thieves are remotely opened by new devices.

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We need to think SECURITY for not only our family vehicles, work vehicles, but also tractors, motor homes, excavators, heavy machinery left on sites vulnerable to theft. We have the best installers right across Australia with CAM, so pick up the phone and talk to our specialist installers …you will have PEACE OF MIND when leaving your vehicles unattended with a CODE SAFE installed.

For more information, you can call us on 1300 971669 or go to our website at to find your nearest CAM member.

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