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Month: May 2019

Problem Solutions Code safe solutions

PROBLEM How paranoid are you, when you go for a surf and leave your #car #keys under your front tire and hope to god your car is there when you return? SOLUTION Install a CODE SAFE PROBLEM How many of you out there have come out of your house in the morning and your #car …

Code Safe – National statistics

It surprises me that in our local media we hear only disappear about the national car theft crisis happening here in Australia. Nationally we are hearing stories every day about car theft victims. Alas, another heartfelt death on our roads from a stolen Ferrari this time in Perth. We can continue to ...

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I woke up this morning and asked myself Who, When, Where, How, Why and WHAT!!!!! ????? I cried today.. two more innocent people lost their lives because of a STOLEN VEHICLE. OWNERS of Australian vehicles and automobiles need to be re educated about the importance of immobilising our vehicles to STOP ...

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