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I woke up this morning and asked myself Who, When, Where, How, Why and WHAT!!!!! ?????
I cried today.. two more innocent people lost their lives because of a STOLEN VEHICLE.


OWNERS of Australian vehicles and automobiles need to be re educated about the importance of immobilising our vehicles to STOP death from joyriding.

Today on page 4 of the Herald Sun another two innocent people lives lost from a stolen vehicle and joyridding …So unnecessary…so SAD.

How can we let death on our roads from vehicle theft continue people of Australia???????
More children teenages 15 and above are stealing our keys and taking our cars and killing people. It’s the truth and we need solutions to STOP this NOW.

What can we do as a community to prevent future incident of vehicle theft?
We can safeguard our vehicles and deter these young children from our taking our cars and by installing a simple sophisticated affordable keypad immobiliser like CODE SAFE security systems we actually can say once installed our vehicles are protected and we can leave them wherever we want and have a peaceofmind

Who is responsible for allowing this to happen?
Who Us??…because we are allowing children and thieves to take our cars!!!!

We pay insurance for this to happen. Isn’t it strange that insurance might give you some money back to pay for your new car but it wont stop theft and it wont stop incident like we are seeing every day in our media.

When does this happen?
When we leave our vehicles unattended when parking on the street? Oh but we have insurance…..This does NOT stop death on our roads people!!!!!!!

Why does this continue to happen?
Because none of us are taking it seriously ad no one is immobilising their vehicles. Crime patterns continue and we need to local law enforcements to make immobilising our vehicles, mandatory. This is the ONLY solution!!!!!!

How can we do this ?
I am trying very hard to educate the Australian people that we have a solution. We can STOP this from happening by installing a CODE SAFE to your vehicles. Because a CODE SAFE firstly prevents the thief from taking the vehicle whilst the immobiliser is illuminated on your dashboard and will prevent them from breaking in and secondly even if they have your keys, they can still not start the car.

This in fact stops vehicle theft.
This in fact weill reduce theft by at least 40%
This in fact will stop after incident from vehicle theft.
Maybe we can save some innocent people’s lives.

We have had to many incidents from vehicle theft especially here in Victoria and we need to reduce these vulnerabilities with smarter security systems

CODE SAFE is your the best choice and the most affordable, reliable system in Australia today. We have installers Australia wide waiting for your calls.

Whatever security system you have now in your vehicle is NOT working.
We need to add another layer to protect our loved ones and stop all this incident from vehicle theft.

Find you nearest installer today on our website.
Call for your quote today and feel safe and stop after incident from happening.

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