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Thinking Of Adding Another Layer Of Security To Your Vehicle?

Think no longer. Think code safe keypad engine immobiliser!

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Juvenile thieves roam in numbers. They commonly are known for stealing cars that are left unattended on our suburban streets.

We leave our vehicles parked outside our homes for many reasons.

  1. No lock-up garage in homes
  2. No space to park the vehicle inside the driveway.
  3. Home rentals without parking facilities
  4. Homeowners and renters pay for permit parking to accommodate parking spaces in front of their homes.

In our current social environment, we are forced to leave our vehicles unattended for more than 8 hours a day or night, which of course, makes our vehicles vulnerable to theft.

We live in troubled times, and our vehicles are being stolen. We can only assume that our vehicles are protected by our vehicles’ current security systems already installed.

85% of the motoring public own or lease newer vehicles that have immobilisers’ already installed. So why would we consider purchasing aftermarket immobilisers’ or any vehicle security system for that matter?

Especially when we pay motor vehicle comprehensive insurance.

Most Australians would say…

“Can you please steal my car? I’ll get a new one from my insurance company” Our Insurance

companies never pay out the vehicle’s full value, so we lose market value, time and resources if the vehicle is stolen

Vehicle security is a forgotten untapped market, yet it’s probably the most important thing to think about. Our vehicles are our assets, and we should ensure that we take every precaution to stop the theft before it occurs.


Crime prevention strategies are listed on the Crime prevention website theft-of-motor-vehicles.

Tips to prevent crimes of this nature always include the suggestion to fit a quality aftermarket immobiliser. Older vehicles will always be a target because juvenile thieves know they are not fitted with alarm systems.

However, the newer vehicles are easier targets these days because juvenile thieves break into homes and steal the keys or key fob (our current vehicle security system.

So, what are the solutions we implement to create safer communities, peace of mind, and insurance so that our assets will be safe when leaving them unattended?

CODE SAFE keypad engine immobilisers; add another layer of vehicle security to the already existing systems.

CODE SAFE is an affordable aftermarket keypad engine immobiliser that gives you peace of mind; guaranteed.

When thinking about extra vehicle security for your vehicles’


CODE SAFE can be purchased and installed by our registered installers across Australia and New Zealand.

To learn more about how Code Safe keypad engine immobiliser can benefit you.

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