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How does an engine Immobiliser work? Want to know more?

engine Immobiliser work

What is an engine Immobiliser?

First, let’s understand the principle of a car immobiliser. An engine immobiliser system is an amazing type of electronic security which is generally a vehicle theft deterrent. The Engine Immobiliser used by new cars contains an electronic chip placed into the ECU of the vehicle.

The motive of the immobiliser technology is to stop a vehicle from being hot-wired and purloin by a thief who doesn’t have a key to start the engine. If the code in the key which is placed in the immobiliser does not match, then the vehicle does not start the fuel system of your car.

The car keys that come with new cars are now generally key fobs or smart keys. With the use of smart keys we lock and unlock car doors, open the boot or sometimes even remotely start the vehicle.

Keep reading to understand how an engine immobilizer works.

Advantages of Immobiliser Technology

If your car does not have an immobiliser and you worry about theft, why don’t you consider installing one? In this day and age taking every precaution to guard your vehicle and property is a vital measure. So use an immobiliser security system device and make your vehicle secure to drive thereafter.

Some of the advantages of using an immobiliser anti-theft security system are: anti-theft security system

  1. The best advantage of this system is that it doesn’t need the car holder to activate it; it works automatically.
  2. The immobiliser technology is a steady and safe method to deter car thieves from hot-wiring or regular ways like hammering the ignition.
  3. Immobiliser technology offers more potent anti-theft protection than an audible alarm alone.
  4. Immobiliser technology, as an anti-theft device, stops one of the systems required to start a car engine, normally the fuel supply or the ignition.
  5. If you want to sell your vehicle, then you can remove the immobiliser device and transfer it to your new vehicle; this is a lifetime product.

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