Car Immobiliser

How Does a Car Immobiliser Work?

CodeSafe Immobilisers

An electronic immobiliser safeguards all 12V vehicles from vehicle theft. 

This is attained by a transponder with a passcode in the ignition key. When we switch on the ignition, that code is read by the ‘Smart Transponder’, an intelligent communications interface with the help of an antenna. 

If the code is correct, the immobiliser discloses the engine electronics system using the other coded signal needed for the engine to start. 

When the correct key or code is  read the vehicle will start.

If incorrect then the vehicle will not start. 

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It works with a sensor which is hidden in a grandeur leather key hanger with a special code that does not require a battery. 

As soon as your key is near the receiver, your CSI will operate and your vehicle will start.

If you don’t have the key hanger, the ignition won’t work and your car won’t start. 

An Immobiliser device is another layer of security aside from your car’s alarm. The immobiliser system is an important security device that keeps the vehicle secure at all times.

By adding another layer of security to your cars, trucks, excavators and diggers for a small investment you will have peace of mind.

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