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Why engine Immobilisers are so important

Whenever you hear of a colleague or neighbour’s car getting stolen, somehow it never occurs to you that the very same thing could happen to yourself. The fact of the matter is, the possibility of your own car getting stolen is very real. Vehicle security for your cars, trucks, bobcats, excavators is an added necessasity now more than ever!

Car theft statistics reveal that many factors such as your locale, the state you live in, and even the kind of car you drive all play a factor in how high a chance for vehicle theft is.

engine Immobilisers

Motor vehicle theft costs the community millions of dollars each year in medical expenses, police time and energy, insurance costs and repairs to damaged vehicles and property.

  • Innocent people have been injured or even killed, when thieves steal, then crash, stolen vehicles.
  • More than 5,000 cars are stolen each year, and less than 80% are recovered.
  • As the number of cars protected by immobilisers increases, the rate of car thefts drop.

You can reduce the chances of your older car becoming a statistic by installing an immobiliser. Ask your insurance company if they offer a reduced premium when an approved immobiliser is fitted. Insurance companies should offer risk management to their valued members by offering them OEM branded engine immobilisers and reduce comprehensive motor insurance for doing so. Insurance companies will in turn save millions of dollars in claims.


‘Most of us rely on our cars, whether it be for work, taking the kids to school or social activities. Having a car stolen can be stressful, inconvenient and costly.

Many think it will not happen to them but around one in every 120 Australian homes fall victim to car criminals each year. The good news is whether you own a late-model car or something a little more vintage, by taking a few simple precautions you can greatly reduce your risk of becoming a victim of theft.

  • In Australia, a car is stolen every 11 minutes.
  • Advances in security technology have made it impossible to simply ‘hot wire’ a modern car.
  • 70 per cent of cars are stolen with their own keys.
  • Half of all cars stolen are taken from the home, including driveways, carports and garages.
  • Offenders will sneak into homes, taking advantage of unlocked doors and windows.
  • 77 per cent of cars are stolen for short-term purposes not involving the vehicle’s value, which may include joyriding, as a temporary means of transport, or for use in the commission of another crime.
  • Car theft is stressful, inconvenient, and costly; and contrary to popular belief insurance does not always cover the cost with victims on average out of pocket $5,000.

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By fitting an after-market engine immobiliser would be the best investment and most cost-effective solution to prevent your car from being hotwired and stolen.

All major stakeholders being State Governments, Police, Councils, NHWA, NMVTRC and more recommended and insist on engine immobilisers to be installed into new cars mandatorily and older cars, as they are easy targets because they don’t have engine immobilisers fitted.

Immobilisers are one of the best ways to secure your vehicle. Reasonable price, when you are protecting a possession worth $10,000 or more, then an investment of less than THE COST OF AN EXPENSIVE ALARM THAT WE IGNORE MOSTLY is an easy choice. Our immobilisers comply to, and passcodes, Australian standards. All installations by a nationally accredited registered Code Safe installer. Secure technology integrating with your vehicles electrical system and central locking gives seamless operation and peace of mind.




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