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Old Technology Verses New Technology

Old Technology Verses New Technology

What Works?

Old technology does work. But what happens when when the old technology is upgraded with quality manufacturing. Old technology become the new. Quality manufacturing comes with experience and expertise engineering and if its worked before it can work again, bigger and better than before. Upgraded and enhanced technology become more reliable, more affordable and more successful. Yet old technology’s that have failed in the past due to non quality manufacturing or cheap copied products and that have come out of countries where there are no regulations, and have been sent back for recall, and we know many of them, can leave bad taste in customers mouths. WHY? Because with bad experiences the loyal customer can be discouraged to buy the same or similar product that were presented as a quality product in the past and by not having a user friendly experience can be damaging to the new.

When a new revamped product revisits the market bad reviews from the past can instantly devalue the product before it even enters the market. Past users and experiences and bad reviews can always be detrimental to any product. Ultimately you need brilliant marketing and branding to build a profile to ensure that the brand and product enters the market successfully even if it has the best upgraded technology.

Solutions And Upgraded Security Systems.

We are always looking for quality solutions. We are always searching for upgraded and new technology. Most buyers who want security for example will always looks for reputable products with high quality standards. Why buy a product that may be cheap, nasty and fail with old technology. When you buy security you want the best. It’s a fact that security systems are always upgraded. It creates a competitive market from basic alarm systems, GPS trackers and IMMOBILISERS. We talk about security and whats available in the market. There are many new and innovative products in the market that have been revisited like immobilisers.

Don’t be discouraged from the past experience. Engine immobilisers do work. Keypad immobilisers when installed correctly by reputable installers with experience and knowledge will be the most cost-effective, most reliable and AFFORDABLE anti theft devices for you to purchase. Immobilising vehicles reduces car theft.(see latest stats here)

Immobilising ignitions to our vehicles will deter thieves, joy ridding and common car theft statics will drop. With more installations of vehicle immobilisers there will be less incident on our roads. by purchasing upgraded security immobilisers, no bad experience will be applied. Why? Because upgraded technology verses old technology, and new devices such as immobilisers that once left bad tastes in our mouths can be installed and purchased with confidence. We now can rely on the ‘good old fashioned engine immobiliser’ that has been upgraded with high standards security performance and precision, to reduce vehicle theft here in Australia with a new generation upgraded, sophisticated keypad immobiliser.

A new generation 4-5 digit keypad immobiliser is your best bet when thinking of upgrading to personal vehicle security.

Your safe with Code Safe.




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