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What is the difference between joyriding and stealing a car?

difference between joyriding and stealing a car

Did you know your car is a lethal weapon?

Its the first thing my father told me before I got into his car for my first driving lesson.

Now days to obtain a driving licence, requires 120 hours behind the wheel before receiving your P plates and then another year before coming off your P’s.
Teenagers love to take their parents cars.
Once they have that licence in their hand they think they can take your car anytime with permission of course.
But what about the kids who don’t have permission and they just take your keys and drive away.
Is this joyriding or theft?
Joyriding is sometimes referred to as an unauthorised driver taking or operating the vehicle without the owners consent and in this case it becomes a crime. Teenagers who have no experience on the roads who take their parents cars can cause after incident on our roads.
We have seen it too often in our media lately that lives are lost from joyriding and stolen cars. Its so sad but true.
We become vulnerable when we leave our keys unattended and easily accessible which leads to the crimes committed by joyriding and theft and we need to think of safer security systems to protect our community’s from this.
We need to protect our children from easy access to our keys.
2001 immobilisers fitted into all CAN systems ( push button start systems) just don’t work anymore yet an affordable sophisticated reliable security system does work.
We can reduce all the crimes committed by stolen keys, joyriding by having a registered CODE SAFE installer, install your CODE SAFE into your new or old vehicle.
All models should be protected by a CODE SAFE.
Choose your own personal pin code, save your own personal pin code in a place your children can’t access your passwords or your codes.
JoyridingWe are great in keeping our computers , phones, doors, and anything else our children want to play with, safe with pin code, so why not your vehicle?
You open your phone , you enter a code.
You open your door , you enter a code.
You open your computer , you enter a code
NOW you can start your car with a personal 4 digit pin code and STOP joyriding and theft.
Think twice before you leave your keys unattended, think twice before you leave your vehicle parked unattended.
Think risk management.
Think, CODE SAFE…your safe!

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