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Last week I asked you to watch this space.


Because I have a lot of information to share with you.
I’ve been talking about Australians being complacent and I’ve talked about moving Australia moving forward.

This week I want to talk about how we can move forward and not become a victim of vehicle theft.

 CAR THEFTHere in Victoria, RACV state that manufacturers and importers are to be encouraged to adopt cost-effective vehicle and component marketing technologies to Australia to reduce crime and vehicle theft.(Royal Auto 17)

For Australia to adopt foreign policies that have been in place for years to reduce crime and theft. To lobby our insurance companies to bring down our comprehensive premiums for immobilising our vehicles as the RACV states in their Royal Auto magazine ( Feb addition 2107)

LC Distributors have done just this and followed the instructions from our insurance company to adopt foreign components and product to help eradicate vehicle theft here in Australia.

Like so many other countries around the world, like Israel, Mexico, Costa Rica, France, Denmark, who have already experienced the crime and theft that Australia is now experiencing we need to follow other countries who have adopted foreign anti-theft devices that in fact have put a stop to vehicle theft.
Most of these countries are now mandatorily fitted with keypad immobilisers to stop crime through insurance.
Insurance companies in these countries will not insure the vehicles unless added with another layer of security with a 4 digit pin code for their vehicle.

VICTIM OF CAR THEFTThis prevents anyone, even if they have your keys, cannot start the vehicle.
For any 12V engine, the vehicle is protected.
An affordable anti-theft device that will, in fact, stop car theft as done elsewhere in the world.
If we can stop car theft, joyriding and carjacking, then we can stop after the incident and we can work together to save lives.

In fact, we can then lobby our insurance companies to work with us to help stop crime on our streets by dropping our premiums and giving us rebates for immobilising our vehicles.
We need some sort of risk management, don’t we?
Those who pay for permit parking and leave their vehicles outside our homes have no security except the insurance that we pay.

Yet how inconvenient to wake up in the morning and you’re is car gone!

Don’t be a victim of insurance and don’t be a victim of crime.
We can STOP theft by protecting our assets by installing security systems that WORK.
Install a CODE SAFE and give your insurance company’s something to talk about.
Ask for a rebate!

RACV gave me a rebate over the phone for telling them I had a CODE SAFE installed. $115.00 for the first year and $80.00 for the second year.
This paid for my installation, gives me peace of mind and now I am even more protected.
I installed a CODE SAFE on my new 2014 Dodge Journey and it’s given me peace of mind. It will also give you peace of mind.

Don’t be a victim of vehicle theft.
Install a CODE SAFE today.

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