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What kind of money would you spend, to protect your vehicle, other than insurance?

Insurance..??? Is this your risk management?

Does Insurance STOP vehicle theft?

Protect VehicleDoes all your vehicle insurance cover you for time and money spent?

When you wake up in the morning and your car is gone, does your insurance bring you a brand new car or return the full payout for what you paid for your car, including all the personal items that were in your at the vehicle at the time of the theft?

What sort of insurance company gives you rebates for adding another layer of protection to your existing policies?

I have been constantly trying to talk to insurance companies about bringing a new business model to their already existing business models that are already in place in other parts of the world, but not Australia??

And I ask the question why not??

Why are our Insurance companies so slow to adopt the CODE SAFE policy, for their valued members?????

By offering their members CODE SAFE through product and installation the CODE SAFE will give their members firstly, peace of mind when parking on our vulnerable streets and with every installation, bring down the valued customers premiums, by adding another layer of security. This in turn will save the Insurance companies millions of dollars in claims, from vehicle theft, as its done overseas.

Why do we need to rethink about our already existing securities in our vehicles? Because what we pay for insurance offers us no protection, no safeguard, no liability. Insurance only takes our money, and at the end of the day gives us headaches.

We wake up in the morning to find our valued asset is gone and then we have a headache with contacting police, our insurance which takes sometimes days even months, if your lucky before we see any sort of reimbursement.

With a CODE SAFE , your offered protection, security, and peace of mind.

NO more Questions.

Install your CODE SAFE TODAY!!! 

Ask your Insurance company today if they have heard about CODE SAFE?

Ask for a rebate on your CODE SAFE installation.

Find an installer today on our website.

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