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I have not written many articles during COVID 19. I’ve been focusing on my family, homeschooling, and home isolating which actually was probably the perfect time to write articles passionate about what’s happening out there in our local communities and how statistics have shown an increase in vehicle theft right across Australia. (see current stats in the link below)

Yet every day during COVID 19, Code Safe still reposts and shares all stolen vehicle posts from Facebook groups such as What Got Stolen Australia, What Got Stolen Melbourne, NSW, QLD, VIC and so many other Facebook-related pages that share current vehicle theft incidents. Right across Australia, vehicle theft has become a major issue. (below are links to those groups)

passionate Immobiliser

I thought it was about time to write an article about why I’m in business, why I am still passionate about Code Safe and the business model through these times of COVID 19;

Back in 2015, I had a dream. To protect all Australians vehicles with a Code Safe. Code Safe is a 4-5 digit personal keypad engine immobiliser. Engine immobilisers reduce vehicle theft.

Code Safe is an affordable, reliable, aftermarket, anti-theft security vehicle system, made and imported from Israel and is generic for all makes and models of any 12v or 24v engine, including cars, trucks, excavators and diggers with cabins. Code Safe, more importantly, gives us peace of mind when leaving our vehicles unattended.

I was passionate about Code Safe then and I am even more passionate about Code Safe now.

Why? Because Code Safe is a proven working business model that works in other countries around the world. More interestingly Code Safe is mandatory through motor insurance in Israel. Insurance companies offer their member’s Code Safe as an anti-theft device incorporating the product with the service. They drop the premiums for their members thus saving themselves millions of dollars in claims whilst protecting their valued members. Its a no brainer and win-win business model for any local installer, each and every Australian, and all Australian insurance companies. More importantly for all of us to work together to reduce vehicle theft by immobilising our cars with Code Safe.

With a change to the economy, we all need to refocus on what’s important in our business now more than ever before. We need to work together to help one another in the future of local business. Each importer wholesale distributor should look at how to build stronger relationships with customers. To provide a revenue stream with quality products and exclusive margins. In saying this we need to think outside the box and offer customers and colleagues new innovative marketing strategies that may help them grow.

Every business has six elements

  • Marketing- cohesive strategy marketing that generates quality leads that equal prospects. The sales engine that grows the revenue that communicates to the audience.
  • Product development – your service is your product.
  • Implement solutions – that fill a very necessary gap in the market
  • Operations – that can reduce freight and cost-effective strategies that will make your product more affordable after it lands from O.S if you’re an importer.
  • Finance – trying to keep overheads as low as possible without spending unnecessary $$ on unnecessary things.
  • People and relationships- nurture your customers with regular phone calls and updates. Stay in touch and always offer assistance within a good time frame..don’t keep your customers waiting.

There is a 3 step navigation plan that Code Safe has learnt over time – Id like to share this with the reader.

Know your starting point and position –

Code Safe has had a long term business plan to reduce vehicle theft in Australia. To bring new revenue streams to a list of qualified installers of audio and aftermarket products, who wish to come on board to become a registered Code Safe installer. By providing quality products that give them not only a revenue stream but a title of registered Code Safe installer. The Code Safe registered installer receives many benefits when on selling Code Safe to their valued customer. (see our list of registered Code Safe installers in the link below)

Strategise and plan key steps to move forward –

To work side by side with our registered Code Safe installers to help promote their establishments through our social platforms that we nationally advertise with, and boost posts in those territory’s that have current locations for installations. To educate the residents in that Code Safe is a solution to a problem. Vehicle theft is an ongoing problem in Australia. We want to ensure that our registered Code Safe installers are on selling Code Safe to their valued customers to help them protect their vehicles with an affordable, reliable quality product.

Follow a proven path-

Code Safe is a proven working business model overseas.

There are many reasons why business fail

  • Not completing the plan
  • Lack of skills to execute the plan.
  • Lack of tools and working tirelessly to grab the attention of the audience
  • Fear, self-doubt, lack of confidence, when years go by and then you give up.

We need to work harder, to overcome all the obstacles above.

When you are passionate about your product and brand

these four reasons should not exist in your business model otherwise your doomed to fail. Passion should drive your business. Knowing the business model and on selling that to others with a successful plan, skills, attracting attention with full confidence is going to move your business forward. The business that you started with so much passion and energy and to continue with that drive even though crisis like COVID 19, and knowing in your heart that it will succeed, no matter how long it takes, will be the true success story to your business, no matter how long it takes!

Believe in your product and brand

Build an asset driven business. Build it on trust, attention, revenue and profit. Focus on after-sales support it equals = profit = Code Safe.

Your Safe with Code Safe. (see our promo video below)

see our website for more information.

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