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Since 2015 since arriving back home to Australia with an amazing product imported directly from Israel, CODE SAFE is finally making a brand name for itself.

Patience, time and money are the three key factors to any successful business.

The business model of CODE SAFE already exists in Israel and other countries around the world, and finally, Australia now has the opportunity to add CODE SAFE to their vehicles.

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CODE SAFE is a mandatory installation through insurance. NO VEHICLE IS INSURED WITHOUT A CODE SAFE In Israel.

By adding another layer of security to all vehicles with a

CODE SAFE you will not only have peace of mind, But you will find an affordable reliable sophisticated car safe security system, that is readily available in the Australian market through our list of registered CODE SAFE installers.

With continual marketing campaigns on our social media platforms finding us on Instagram under and Facebook page CodeSafe, we can help encourage and educate the Australian public about CODE SAFE and its benefits to the valued customer. ( you can click onto our live tabs to see our platforms and campaigns)


 Security Systems Excavators Code Safe: Benefits

 CODE SAFE is a new generation keypad immobiliser.

CODE SAFE can stop and prevent theft and after an incident on our roads from stolen cars.

Updated sophisticated technology to safeguard the vehicle, asset, beloved car, truck, motor home, 4 x 4, bus, tractor, bobcats, excavators and any 12V engine.


Fleet Security Tractor ImmobiliserVan Immobiliser


CODE SAFE stops unauthorized drivers to start the vehicle even if they have the original key.

CODE SAFE  stops  joyriding and  teenagers taking their parents cars



CODE SAFE IS ACMA APPROVED car safe security anti-theft device

CODE SAFE is the best car safe security in Australia today

With each post on our social media platforms, you can share the news with your friends and family about how CODE SAFE can give you peace of mind and risk management for your assets.

CODE SAFE safeguards the vehicle and gives us peace of mind.


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