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NMVTRC- Statistics about motor vehicle theft in Australia

Since 1999, the NMVTRC has driven the vehicle theft reform process in Australia.

The fifth formal review of the NMVTRC operations valued the community benefit of NMVTRC initiated reforms over the past five years at most than $276 million representing a benefit cost ratio of 24:1 for the investments of governments and insurers.


There were 52,858 vehicles stolen in Australia during the calendar year of 2017.


Total national theft in the twelve months to December was 7% less than the preceding 12 months.

The decrease was largely a result of a 15% fall in short term heavy / other vehicle theft. Profit motivated PLC ( passenger light commercial theft fell 4%.

Queensland has had a significant increase of 10% whilst key findings show

  • 9,787 vehicles were stolen and recovered in Victoria, making up 38% of all short term PLC theft.
  • NSW followed with 7,419 short term PLC stolen representing 22% of the national total theft.
  • 33% of all profit-motivated PLC theft(2,981) also occured in Victoria.
  • WA had the highest percentage increase of profit motivated theft with 6%
  • On an average day in Australia, 141 cars were stolen across the country and the vehicles stolen where older vehicles ( key car vehicles not CAN systems push button, keyless cars)

Car owners are being urged NOT TO BE COMPLACENT, with a new report showing an average of 148 vehicles were stolen every day in Australia in the 12 months period from Sept , 2016 till now, with a cost of $500 million


When we discuss the subject vehicle insurance, in Israel for example, according to police data, approximately 15,000 cars stolen, an impressive statistic for a county as small as Israel, when making CodeSafe a mandatory installation through insurance.

vehicle insurance

Sometimes, in order to reduce risk and to deter thieves, there is a demand from car insurance companies to install the insured vehicle protection systems against theft and various policies set exactly what kind of protection should be installed as a condition to the policy.

If you did not install your required shielding system in automobile insurance policy the insurance will not apply and the insured will not be entitled to compensation.The cost of installing the protection can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the level of sophistication and protection, however some cars come with protection system consisting of another production line. There are countless types of market surveillance systems ranging from locks to the steering wheel and gear lever and satellite tracking systems that know the location of the vehicles at any given moment. These measures do not actually deter the theft and theft continues. What other systems can we actually rely on?

For most when buying comprehensive insurance in Israel, the companies require a combination of two systems. The already existing immobiliser in all 2001 models with an added layer of security being the keypad fitted immobiliser. The keypad must be installed into the vehicle by the registered installer and must show proof of receipt to the insurer, of date installed,who installed and with a tick approval that the Keypad is fitted and working each year to receive the lower premium.

You do not want to join this statistic: so what are your choices?

The protective market offers many possibilities for protecting your vehicle. You can choose one system or combine multiple systems for a higher level of protection.

By adding another layer of security to your vehicle whether that be an alarm, an immobiliser, steering lock, any type of deterrent to protect your vehicle, we should be our insurance companies for a rebates with every installation here in Australia/NZ as its done elsewhere in the world.

CodeSafe is a reliable system, guaranteed.

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