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Problem Solutions Code safe solutions

PROBLEM How paranoid are you, when you go for a surf and leave your #car #keys under your front tire and hope to god your car is there when you return? SOLUTION Install a CODE SAFE PROBLEM How many of you out there have come out of your house in the morning and your #car …


I woke up this morning and asked myself Who, When, Where, How, Why and WHAT!!!!! ????? I cried today.. two more innocent people lost their lives because of a STOLEN VEHICLE. OWNERS of Australian vehicles and automobiles need to be re educated about the importance of immobilising our vehicles to STOP ...

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Security Systems Excavators | Patience Is A Virtue

Since 2015 since arriving back home to Australia with an amazing product imported directly from Israel, CODE SAFE is finally making a brand name for itself. Patience, time and money are the three key factors to any successful business. The business model of CODE SAFE already exists in Israel and othe...

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What is the difference between joyriding and stealing a car?

Did you know your car is a lethal weapon? Its the first thing my father told me before I got into his car for my first driving lesson. Now days to obtain a driving licence, requires 120 hours behind the wheel before receiving your P plates and then another year before coming off your P’s. &hell...

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Security Techniques and Strategy Solutions

NMVTRC- Statistics about motor vehicle theft in Australia Since 1999, the NMVTRC has driven the vehicle theft reform process in Australia. The fifth formal review of the NMVTRC operations valued the community benefit of NMVTRC initiated reforms over the past five years at most than $276 million repre...

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What kind of money would you spend, to protect your vehicle, other than insurance?

Insurance..??? Is this your risk management? Does Insurance STOP vehicle theft? Does all your vehicle insurance cover you for time and money spent? When you wake up in the morning and your car is gone, does your insurance bring you a brand new car or return the full payout for what you paid for your ...

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Smart Technologies From Other Countries.

Whilst living in Israel I discovered a new world of amazing technology. A small but sophisticated country with brilliant securities something lacking here in Australia. Not only for vehicles but for all types of securities. Homes, cars, phones, new buying systems on your phone in a two-click process ...

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Have Australians become complacent?

Good morning Australia Australia, the country of boundless dreams. A safe, secure country is full of hopes and a brighter future. I learned something a few years ago that I’d like to share with you. When people visit our capital city Canberra, a lot go to visit our parliament and do tours to le...

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